Do you know how shoes are made?

We all want to look good. But do we want the environment to pay for it? 

And do we want workers to put their health at risk?

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Poor working conditions 

People work in unhealthy environments at minimum wages.

Waste piles

Used shoes are difficult to recycle and end up on enormous piles of waste.


A lot of chemicals are used during production, factories create poisonous smog, long transport cycles pollute the air even further.

When you buy fancy shoes at a low price, these are the problems you are faced with:

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We produce locally and reduce transport.

We reduce the use of chemicals to an absolute minimum and strive to use no chemicals at all in the future.


We give people meaningful jobs by collaborating with social enterprizes.

We re-use materials and make our shoes easy to disassemble, so they can be re-used and repaired.

Where some of the big companies trick you with greenwashing, 

tropas provides a truly sustainable solution:

tropas makes the world a better place, while crafting your shoes

your post-consumer jeans 

> collected, washed and cut in local social workplaces

> reused as shoe pattern

we attach the outsole
without glue or chemicals 

 tropas goes all the way 

When it comes to sustainability,                    

tropas shoes are built to be easily disassembled and recycled.
Bring back your used tropas and we will re-use almost the entire shoe.

> wood will be used to make designer furniture

> rubber will be shredded and re-used in new outsoles

> textile will be shredded and re-used as isolation material

 tropas pays a fair price for shoe production

Fair trade means fair pay!

tropas produces locally

> Used jeans are collected and prepared by hand in Belgium.

> Our Shoes are produced in a small family company in Spain.


Unlike big shoe companies who produce in low wage countries, tropas pays a fair price to all of its workers.

That’s why we ask a fair price of you, our customer.